Kathy Hassinger

Artistic Director of Dance Currents Inc., Kathy taught “Perspectives in World Dance” at Emerson college for eight years, and was head of the Dance Department at Newton Country Day School from 1990-2007.  Kathy has produced a number of full-length dance concerts, including: “Drawn In” (2015), “Charge the Air” (2013), and “Three Modern Choreographers” at Triskelion Arts in New York (2005). Mrs. Hassinger  received a NULA award on June 15, 2019 for “committing her life to excellence by impacting her community through the performing arts.”  Dance Currents is thrilled to partner with such fine choreographers and dancers in the Choreographers Collaborative and would particularly like to thank Carlos Molina and Erica Cornejo for this beautiful venue. 

For the Collaborative, Ms. Hassinger produced an abstraction of the Christmas story set to Archangelo Corelli’s “Christmas Concerto.” for Dancing in a Time of Stillness, Ms. Hassinger created an original work in silence, reflecting on the stillness of quarantine.

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